Bail Bonds Services Serving All Parishes in Louisiana

Statewide Bail Bonds Represented by Daniel Romero Jr. means it when we say, "statewide." We serve all Louisiana parishes. If you're not sure how you'll pay for your bail bond, we provide financing to help you be out of jail and be back to your family. We serve municipal, state, superior and federal courts. Whether it's a misdemeanor or a felony case, our professional staff will get you back to your life in no time. Call us at (337) 224-0569 no matter where you are.
Handcuffed — Bail Bonds in Church Point, LA
Statewide Bail Bonds Provides The Following Services
  • 24 Hour service 7 days a week
  • Bail information, consultations and bonding services
  • Prompt, efficient, & confidential assistance
  • No hidden fees (all fees are discussed in advance)
  • Professional, honest & reliable licensed bail agents
  • House calls available
  • Court date reminder provided
  • Local transportation to court (upon request)
  • Easy payment plans available with approval
Be prepared to provide:
  • The arrestee's full name and date of birth?
  • The jail name and city or state they are being held?
  • The date they were arrested?
  • The amount of bail that is needed for release?